accounting and finance

We use Quickbooks and methods to bring your necessary work from a design – to structure – then on to an easily maintained routine.  Mac or PC we use both.  We refer acceptable and tried Realtors, Bankers, IT specialists, Insurance Agents, CPA’s, Lawyers, SBA and Score expertise.  We aid you in audit needs and forensic discovery.  In essence, we help you create your cadre and bring you up to speed with small business practices.  From B-2-B (business to business) relations to getting your billing done easily with merchant and on-line tools to get paid faster!  We help you write business plans, aid you in your research of your market presence and insight in bringing your product to market.  We do payroll and PR tax reporting in addition to business profiles.  Wether you are a sole proprietor, an LLC or C/S Corp we can help in the retail, manufacturing, farming, service, construction, restaurant and entertainment, consulting and non-profit industries.  Small or large projects, software or accounting training or maintenance work, we love a challenge – call us!



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